Mirumoto Ryuujin

Power alone is rigid...but, if you know how to bend with the wind, you will never break!!!

Name Mirumoto Ryuujin 龍神 Rank 1
Clan Dragon Experience Points 40/40
School Mirumoto Bushi School Insight 117
Earth 2 Air 2 Honor 4.5
Stamina 3 Reflexes 3 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ □ □ □ □ □
Willpower 2 Awareness 2 Glory 1.0
Water 2 Fire 2 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Strength 2 Agility 4 Status 1.0
Perception 2 Intelligence 2 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Void 2 Shadowlands Taint 0
Void 2 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Void Points Spent □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
School Skill Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphasis and Master Abilities
Iaijutsu 3 Reflexes Readying a katana is a Free Action.
Defense 2 Reflexes
Kenjutsu 4 Agility Katana / + 1k0 to all damage rolls made with a sword
Jiujutsu 1 Agility Martial Arts
Meditation 1 Void
Tea Ceremony 1 Void
Lore (Shugenja) 1 Intelligence
Lore (Theology) 1 Intelligence
Kyujutsu 1 Reflexes
Polearms 1 Agility
Horsemanship 1 Agility
Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Arrows
Type katana Type wakizashi Type Damage Quantity
Attack Roll 8k4 Attack Roll 8k4
Damage Roll 5k2 Damage Roll 4k2
Bonus Bonus
Notes Damage roll already reduced because of Small disadvantage Notes Damage roll already reduced because of Small disadvantage
Insight Ranks/Reflexes 4k3
Current Initiative 4k3
Armor TN & Reduction
Base TN 20
Current TN 25
Base Reduction 0
Current Reduction 3
Type Light Armor
TN Bonus 5
Reduction Bonus 3
Rank 1: Way of the Dragon Initiates of the Mirumoto Bushi School must master the basic principles of Niten, the two-sword technique founded by Mirumoto himself. When wielding a katana in his main hand and a wakizashi in the other, ryuujin suffer no penalties of any kind for dual wielding, and he gains a bonus of his School Rank to his effective Armor TN (this is cumulative with the normal bonus for wielding two weapons). Additionally, when Ryuujin is targeted with a spell, he may raise or lower the TN of that spell’s Spellcasting Roll by 5.
Rank 2: The Calm In Midst of Thunder In addition to their focus on the art of kenjutsu, the Mirumoto study the art of the duel as well in order to properly face their traditional opponents among the Kakita. While Ryuujin assumes the Center Stance, he gains a bonus to the total of his Iaijutsu rolls equal to his Kenjutsu Skill Rank.
Wounds Earth X 2 per level Earth X 5 for Healthy
Wound Level Penalties Total Current
Healthy (+0) 10
Nicked (+3) 4
Grazed (+5) 4
Hurt (+10) 4
Injured (+15) 4
Crippled (+20) 4
Down (+40, must spend Void Point to act) 4
Out (cannot act) 4
Rate of Wound Heal
Stamina x 2 + Insight Rank 7
Current Rate 7
Personal Information Advantages Points Disadvantages Points
Sex Male Great Destiny 5 Haunted 3
Age 13 Prodigy 0 Compulsion (sword betting) 4
Height Luck 0 Driven (new technique) 2
Weight Ancestor (Mirumoto) 0 Gullible 4
Hair Ancestral Heritage (Mirumoto) 0 Idealistic 2
Eyes Enlightened Madness 0
Father Ryuujin
Mother Mirumoto Tatsuko (deceased)
Marital Status Single
Equipment and Possessions
Name Traveling Pack Home
Spare Kimono and Sandals
Koku 5
1 Koku = 5 Bu 1 Bu = 10 Zeni

Awarded Advantage : “Ancestor (Mirumoto)” — The founder of the Dragon Clan’s warrior family was one of the greatest swordsmen of his age, a pragmatic and cunning warrior and a brilliant duelist, and a deep rival to Kakita in the pursuit of swordsmanship. He created the Niten style, a method of fighting with both the katana and wakizashi. He also wrote one of the Empire’s greatest works on swordsmanship, and died fighting Fu Leng on the (first) Day of Thunder. If you have gained Mirumoto’s attention, he grants you + 1k1 to all Agility-based Skill rolls [not yet factored-in to above stats]. If the Skill roll is made using a Mirumoto Bushi School Skill, the bonus is + 3k1 instead. Demands: Mirumoto expects his descendants to follow his traditionof victory, and to carry on his rivalry with his ancient nemesis Kakita. If you ever issue a challenge and lose the subsequent duel, Mirumoto will abandon you. He will also leave you if you ever refuse a duel with someone trained in the Kakita Bushi school. He will not abandon you if you lose a duel that was forced upon you…unless that duel was against a Kakita.

Awarded New Mechanic : “Ancestral Heritage (Mirumoto)” — Prerequisite: Ancestor (Mirumoto); Mechanics: Characters who take Mirumoto as an Ancestor know and can use the Mirumoto Technique just above their current Rank. For instance, a Rank 1 Mirumoto may use the Rank 2 Mirumoto School Technique. Only bushi from the Mirumoto family may take this Advantage.

Heritage Table Results : “Dragon Mixed Blessings” — One of your parents was of the Tattooed Order and you were given a tattoo shortly before your gempukku. Unfortunately, your mind was not fully prepared for such power. You gain a Togashi tattoo, but also gains the Enlightened Madness Disadvantage connected to the tattoo.

Dragon Tattoo : The dragon is a fearsome tattoo, and contains frightening power waiting to be unleashed. As a Complex Action, you may breathe fire in a cone, equal to ten feet plus your School Rank in length, and five feet wide at the end. This fire deals damage to all in its area of effect, with a DR equal to your Fire Ring. You take damage equal to your Fire Ring upon each use.


Of Mysterious Origins

Ryuujin is the result of an unnatural union between a direct bloodline Mirumoto aristocrat turned-monk and the creature known as Ryuujin. Tatsuko was seeking the truths of immortality linked with the ningyo when she had the chance encounter with the “Ryuujin.” The conception and pregnancy was fast and enigmatic to say the least, which also resulted in her death. With the risk that such information will bring dishonor to the house of the Mirumoto family and to the Dragon Clan itself, as well as bring undue inter-Clan problems, all knowledge was “expunged” to every individual of the Clan (save Togashi Yokuni himself, the Tattooed Monks and shugenjas who participated in a complex ritual). Ryuujin grew not knowing his past, only that there is a mystery that was kept him.

A Haunting

Ryuujin is haunted by his own mother, coaxing him to seek the truth about his conception and birth. He is, as well, compelled by this spirit to continue on with her studies in seeking the truth about the “immortality-factor”.

Mirumoto Ryuujin

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