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Campaign Approx. Dates (Isawa Calendar) Emperor Status
A Thousand Years of Peace 1100 – 1124 Hantei XXXVIII currently running at 1118
The Scorpion Clan Coup - - (upcoming)
The Clan War - - (upcoming)
The War Against the Shadow - - (upcoming)
The War of Spirits - - (upcoming)
The Four Winds Era - - (upcoming
Way of the Ninja synchronous with current campaign - on-going sub-campaign
Alternate Paths: One Thousand Years of Darkness - - under review

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Ritsuryo is the Rokugani system of law. Analogous to it’s namesake, the contents hereunder takes a look at the Legend of the Five Rings setting and game rules; and introduces new articles and mechanics which may have been lifted from previous and/or recent AEG publications, or may be in fact works-in-progress. The following is a treasure trove of resources which are products of deliberation by dedicated participants, deemed as inspiring, well-thought-out, and just plain brilliant additions to the game.

R1 General Character Guidelines

R2 Overview of the A THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE Living Campaign

R3 Schools and Paths during the era of A THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE

R4 placeholder-only

R5 placeholder-only

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The following materials are introduction to the CLAN WAR Miniatures Game. A rule set which will be adopted heavily alongside the role-playing system.

CW1 placeholder-only

CW2 placeholder-only

CW3 placeholder-only

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Where current rulings prove confusing, equivocal, vague or altogether contradictory, the following are attempts to interpret existing rules, or provide clarity by addition or extrapolation of assumptions. This then shall form a database for future determinations for such incidences, and shall serve as precedents, or as formal statements adopted by the campaign group.

Res.1 Topaz Championship Clarifications

Res.2 placeholder-only

Res.3 placeholder-only

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The rules hereunder shall be adopted on a provisional or experimental basis. Participant-player commentaries are required to elevate such rulings to RITSURYO status.

HCL 2012-01 Piecemeal Armour

HCL 2012-02 Gaijin Characters in the Pre-Scorpion Coup Era


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