"When the Hawks are away, the Little Birds come out to play."


Momo rank one02signed01
Momo rank one02signed02

Clan: Sparrow (Ronin)
School: Suzume Bushi School —→ Ronin
Class: Bushi
Experience Points spent: 40
Experience Points banked: 0
Rank: 1
Insight: 120
Honor: 6
Glory: 1
Status: 0
Taint: 0


Stamina 2
Willpower 2

Agility 2
Intelligence 3

Reflexes 3
Awareness 3

Strength 2
Perception 3

Void 2


starter INT Lore(History) 1
starter INT Lore(Crane) 1
starter INT Lore(Theology) 1
starter INT Calligraphy 1
bought AWA Etiquette 1
bought AWA Perform(Storytelling) 1
starter AGI Kenjutsu 1 (Emphasis: Katana)
bought REF Iaijutsu 1
bought REF Defense 1
bought INT Commerce 1

(All items are of poor quality, unless stated)
Katana (average)
Traveling Pack
Haidate thigh armor piece (worn as Sode shoulder guards)

Benten’s Blessing 4pts.
Precise Memory 3pts.
Voice 3pts.

Small 3pts.
Driven 2pts.
Social Disadvantage -Ronin 3pts.
Idealistic 2pts.

(Suzume Bushi) Rank 1 All Things In Time

At this Rank, the Sparrow has learned to focus their legendary patience, even in the heat of combat. At the beginning of the round, a Sparrow may voluntarily lower his own initiative to raise his TN to be hit by an equal amount. He may not use this Technique while making a Full Attack. Also, at this Rank, and every Rank afterward, the Sparrow receives a Free Raise on a single Lore skill of his choice. Once this skill is chosen, it may not be changed, though the Sparrow may choose a different Lore skill every time he increases in Rank.


still in progress

Cliff Notes (to be expanded on):
- Born Small & Curious
- Often found at trading posts where other clans gather.
- Gets exposed to plenty of tales from other lands.
- Develops a potential for storytelling.
- Is discovered to also be capable with the katana despite her size.
- Influenced greatly by a Doji Courtier and a Kakita Artisan frequenting the trading post in Sparrow lands.
- Grows up disillusioned to the Clan’s persistence in living simple, empoverished lives.
- Fails to seek support from family to improve way of life. Her persistence of delivering a convincing lesson through her storytelling eventually gets her cast out of the Sparrow Clan.
- She now travels the lands to find opportunities to improve her way of life and return with undisputable proof… or die trying.


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