Armor of the Topaz Champion


The Topaz Armor is a highly sought after nemuranai. Although no one knows who fashioned the remarkable suit of heavy armor, it has become a symbol of excellence and nobility throughout Rokugan. since the creation of the Topaz Championship in the Eighth Century, this intricate armor has been passed down to each successive champion of the tournament. Those who win the Topaz Championship are given the right to wear the Topaz Armor for one year, until another young samurai wins the next tournament.


This intricate suit of heavy armor is made of various pieces of different shades of blues and grays, trimmed with black and gold leather, silk, and steel pieces. Although the suit itself offers a fine display with all the complex designs that decorate its torso, it is the kabuto that completes it which looks most impressive. The dark blue helmet covers almost the entire face, masking it with the dreadful visage of a mighty warrior. From the front of it, a wide pair of ivory horns protrudes, forming strange, white wings that stand above the helm.

Game Mechanics
When worn by anyone but the true Topaz Champion, this fabulous suit functions as a mundane heavy armor of Fine Quality. When used by its rightful owner, however, the Topaz Armor grants a 1 Rank bonus to both Glory and Honor (to the natural maximum of both). It also provides a bonus on both TN to Be Hit and Defense Skill Rolls equal to the wearer’s Glory Rank (including the bonus it provides to Glory).

Mechanics and descriptions was lifted from L5R 3E~Prayers & Treasures (pp. 169). Until an official/published update is provided for a 4th Edition equivalent, the above provided mechanic shall be applicable until duly amended.


Armor of the Topaz Champion

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