Kuni Neko

Name Kuni Neko (国猫) Rank 1
Clan Crab Experience Points 40/40
School Kuni Shugenja School Insight 130
Earth 3 Air 2 Honor 2.5
Stamina 3 Reflexes 3 ■ ■ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Willpower 3 Awareness 2 Glory 1
Water 2 Fire 3 ■ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Strength 2 Agility 3 Status 1
Perception 2 Intelligence 3 ■ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Void 2 Shadowlands Taint 0
Void 2 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Void Points Spent □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
School Skill Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphasis and Master Abilities
Calligraphy 1 Intelligence Cipher
Lore (Shadowlands) 2 Intelligence
Defense 1 Reflexes
Spellcraft 1 Intelligence
Kenjutsu 3 Agility The total of all damage rolls made with a sword is increased by 1k0
Lore (Theology) 1 Intelligence
Tantojutsu 1 Agility
Wakizashi Sai Arrows
Type Sword Type Knife Type Damage Quantity
Attack Roll 6k3 Attack Roll 4k3
Damage Roll 4k2 Damage Roll 2k1
Bonus Bonus
Notes A wakizashi may be thrown up to 20’ as a ranged weapon. Notes
Insight Ranks/Reflexes 4k3
Current Initiative 4k3
Armor TN & Reduction
Base TN 20
Current TN 20
Base Reduction 0
Current Reduction 0
Type No Armor
TN Bonus 0
Reduction Bonus 0
Wound Level Penalties Total Current
Healthy (+0) 15
Nicked (+3) 6
Grazed (+5) 6
Hurt (+10) 6
Injured (+15) 6
Crippled (+20) 6
Down (+40, must spend Void Point to act) 6
Out (cannot act) 6
Rate of Wound Heal
Stamina x 2 + Insight Rank 7
Current Rate 7
Personal Information Advantages Points Disadvantages Points
Sex Female Blood of Osano-Wo 3 Small 3
Age 16 Antisocial (2 ranks) 5
Height 4’6 Lechery 2
Weight 127 lbs.
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Father Kuni Isamu (国勇)
Mother Kuni Ayano (国彩乃)
Brothers Kuni Riku (国陸)
Marital Status Single
Equipment and Possessions
Name Traveling Pack Home
Scroll Satchel
Week’s Rations
Small Tent
Cooking Pot
Flint and Tinder
Fishing Net
Small Knife (Non-Combat)
Wicker Umbrella
Spare Kimono and Sandals
Divination Kit (yarrow sticks)
Koku 3
1 Koku = 5 Bu 1 Bu = 10 Zeni
School Techniques (Shugenja)
School 1 Kuni Shugenja School
Affinity Earth
Deficiency Air
Technique Gaze Into Shadow: You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Spell Casting Rolls when the target is any non-human creature, and any spell that inflicts damage inflicts an additional +1k1 damage when used against a target who possesses the Shadowlands Taint. You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Jade keyword.
Spells and Kiho
(All memorized spells are innate abilities)
Name Sense
Mastery Level 1
Element All
Duration Instantaneous
Raises Range(+ 10’)
Area 50’ radius from the caster
Range Personal
Effect This spell can be case in any of the four standard elements. It allows the caster to sense the presence, quantity and rough location of the elemental spirits (not the evil spirits known as kansen) of that element within the range of the spell. This is most frequently applied when looking for spirits with which to Commune (see below), but can also be useful as a crude, basic location device. For example, a caster lost in the wilderness could cast Sense (Water) in hopes of locating a source of drinking water.
Name Summon
Mastery Level 1
Element All
Duration Permanent
Raises Range (+ 10’), quantity (+ 1 cubic foot), composition of material (1-4 Raises, as outlined below)
Area 1 cubic foot of summoned material
Range 30’
Effect This spell can be cast in any of the four standard elements. It allows the caster to summon a modest quantity (one cubic foot) of the chosen element. The summoned matter appears (usually in a rough ball shape) in any open space within the spell’s range. This cannot place the summoned material inside another physical object or living creature. The summoned element will behave in a normal and mundane matter — earth falls to the ground, water soaks anything it lands on, air blows away, and fire winks out unless there is something present for it to burn. In general it is impossible to use this spell effectively in combat, although clever shugenja may find a few modest combat uses, such as using Summon (Fire) to ignite a foe soaked in cooking oil. More commonly, the spell’s value is in simpler functions, such as summoning Water while in a desert, or summoning Fire to light a campfire without flint and tinder.
Raises may be used with this spell to summon a more specific type of the appropriate element, such as wood or iron with Earth, or tea with Water. The GM should choose how many Raises (generally anywhere from 1 to 4) this requires. However, these Raises cannot be used to create rare/precious materials (such as gold) or spiritually powerful substances (such as jade or crystal).
Name Commune
Mastery Level 1
Element All
Duration Concentration
Raises See below
Area Self
Range 20’
Effect This spell can be cast in any element save Void. It allows the caster to speak with one of the local kami, asking it a few questions, which it will answer honestly to the best of its ability. Typically this spell will invoke the most active and energetic spirit of the chosen element in the area of effect; if all of the local spirits are quiescent, the GM may require the caster to call 1 or 2 Raises to “wake up” a local spirit enough to answer questions.
A spirit reached with Commune will answer two questions. The caster may Raise to get more questions (one per Raise). The caster may also Raise for clarity, to get a more accurate and informative answer to the questions. (Kami are notorious for their inability to fully comprehend human behavior, and asking questions without Raises for clarity can often result in confusing, enigmatic, or incomplete answers.) Spirits do not forget anything, so theoretically a shugenja can ask a spirit about something that happened decades ago; however, they also do not experience time in the same way as mortals, so trying to ask about something from long ago will usually require Raises in order to make the caster’s wishes clear to the spirit. The nature of the information which spirits can impart varies by element:
* Air spirits tend to be playful and easily distracted, conveying information as emotions or as riddles and jokes. Since they are more interested in feelings than in facts, and enjoy playing games with those who speak with them, communing with an Air spirit can sometimes be very frustrating.
* Earth spirits are straightforward and matter-of-fact, often blunt, but are also often rather uninterested in the behavior of mortals, have a poor understanding of human emotion, ad tend to be overly focused on obscure details such as the color of a piece of clothing or the weight of a horse.
* Fire spirits are irritable and temperamental, and are often angry at being summoned unless they are propitiated with an offering of something to burn. On the other hand, if a shugenja can please them they tend to offer the clearest and most accurate information.
* Water spirits communicate their knowledge through soundless visual images. This can be helpful to a shugenja trying to investigate a past incident, but since the spirits cannot convey scent, sound, or emotion, the information they provide can often be incomplete or misleading.
Name Armor of Earth
Mastery Level 1
Element Earth (Battle, Defense)
Duration 10 rounds
Raises Duration (+2 rounds)
Area Self
Range Personal
Effect This spell infuses the caster’s body with the strength of Earth, weakening the force of any physical or magical attack which strikes him. For the duration of the spell, you gain Reduction in an amount equal to your Earth Ring + School Rank. However, this infusion of Earth slows your movements – your Water is considered 1 Rank lower for purposes of movement while you are under the effects of this spell.
Name Earth Becomes Sky
Mastery Level 2
Element Earth (Jade, Thunder)
Duration Instantaneous
Raises Damage (+ 1k0), Targets (+ 1 target), Special (make boulders Jade with 2 raises)
Area One target creature
Range 100’
Effect This spell summons up several huge boulders from the earth, and hurls them through the air to unerringly strike one (or more) target creatures. The target struck by these boulders suffers damage with a DR equal to the caster’s Earth rank. If the caster strikes multiple targets, the DR is reduced by 1k1 for each additional target, to a minimum of 1k1 damage per target. These boulders are made of normal, mundane stone, and thus cannot normally bypass Reduction or Invulnerability, but a powerful caster can infuse the boulders with the power of Jade.
Name Force of Will
Mastery Level 2
Element Earth (Battle)
Duration 2 rounds
Raises Duration (+1 round, maximum 4 rounds duration)
Area One target
Range 50’
Effect This spell infuses the target with an intense resistance to pain and death, as the Earth kami bolster his will to live to super-human levels. He is able to shrug off thepain and shock of his wounds, even continuing in the face of lethal injuries for a short time. For the duration of this spell, the target is immune to all Wound Rank penalties and effects – including the effect of being dead if the Out rank is completely filled. When the spell expires, however, the full effects of any Wounds apply immediately – thus, this spell typically affords either a brief chance to be healed before it is too late, or the chance to wage a final battle in the face of certain death.
Name Fury of Osano-Wo
Mastery Level 1
Element Fire (Thunder)
Duration Instantaneous
Raises Damage (+1k0 per two Raises)
Area One target
Range 300’
Effect This spell is actually a prayer to the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, inviting his wrath upon your enemy. It can only be cast outdoors, and summons a bolt of lightning from the sky, striking the target for 5k2 Wounds. Everyone within 10’ of the target must make a Stamina roll vs. a TN of 15 to avoid being deafened for 2 rounds. If this spell is cast during a thunderstorm, the damage is increased to 6k2 for a moderate storm, and 6k3 for a disastrous storm or hurricane.
Name Katana of Fire
Mastery Level 1
Element Fire (Battle, Craft)
Duration 5 minutes
Raises Damage (+ 1k0), Duration (+ 5 minutes), Range (+ 5 feet)
Area One created weapon
Range Personal or 20’ (see below)
Effect You summon a blade of pure fire, blazing like the soul of an honorable warrior. The weapon’s default form is a katana, but one Raise can change its form to any other sword of your choosing. The katana has a DR of 2k2. When wielding this weapon, you may use your School Rank in place of your Kenjutsu Skill if you wish. If you do possess the Kenjutsu Skill, you add your Honor Rank to all damage rolls made with this weapon. The katana of fire disappears if it is lost from your hand. Instead of summoning the katana for yourself, you may cause it to appear in the hands of an ally within 20 feet. He is treated as the caster for all purposes of the spell, but does not gain the Honor boost to damage.
Name Reversal of Fortunes
Mastery Level 1
Element Water
Duration 3 rounds
Raises Duration (+ 1 round), Range (+ 5 feet)
Area One target individual
Range 10’
Effect Versatility is the domain of water, and those who carry its blessing reap the rewards. For the duration of this spell, the target may immediately re-roll any one roll per round. This must be done immediately after the first roll is completed, and the target may keep either result.

Kuni Neko (国猫), sometimes called “Chisana Koneko” (小猫, or Little Kitten) was born to the Kuni clan, much to the dismay of just about every Crab clan member, because she has always been small and never seemed to be anywhere near as powerful as her fellow clan members. However, the moment she was introduced into the teachings of her ancestors, it was rumored that even daimyo Kuni Yori was impressed by the skill the young-ling had with the arts. It was said that to make up for the lack of martial skill, she would invoke the power of the kami instead. Still, for a long time, she was teased and belittled by many of her peers for years, simply because she was little.

The rage that built up within her all those years was tempered only by both the strict discipline of her father — who taught her the blade techniques that to this day she strives to perfect — and the Earth kami that had dulled her heart to the temptations of ripping apart the innards of her enemies. And with the training given by her sensei, Kenta Kuni, she learned to vent her anger against her true enemies: the Shadowland horrors, who had left their lands inhospitable.

During her training, Neko was struck by a totally-unexpected bolt of lightning. Fearing the worst, everyone nearby rushed towards her, only to find that she was completely unfazed. Amazed at the event, one scholar who was witness at the time traced her lineage and confirmed his suspicion: her mother’s bloodline traced itself directly to the legendary Hida Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, so it was apparent that his resilience has been passed on to Neko.

Kuni Neko

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